The Mission of Luv-N-Bunns:

  • Rescue domestic rabbits from abandoned stray situations, kill shelters, private relinquishments and hoarding cases
  • Provide nurturing foster homes that will ensure proper care, shelter and love for each animal in our foster network
  • Provide necessary veterinary care including spay/neuter surgery
  • Screen applications to find perfect forever homes for each rabbit that we rescue
  • Host outreach events in the community to provide education and information on the proper care of domestic rabbits


We stress the importance of neutering and spaying all rabbits to reduce the ever-growing population of unwanted rabbits and to prevent highly prevalent reproductive cancers in unfixed rabbits. Since our inception in 2007, we have accomplished our mission by saving the lives of almost 2,000 abandoned rabbits. However, the over-abundance of unwanted domestic rabbits keeps us working toward our goals, year after year.

Together we can accomplish our mission. Reach out today if you’d like to help!

Below are some of our latest Facebook updates:


Rescue and placement for abandoned bunnies in the Philadelphia area. We take in rabbits who are no longer wanted, have been abandoned, and/or have been abused. Once cleared by our vet, we have them neutered/spayed and find new, loving homes for each. In addition, we host various events to educate people about rabbits and their needs.
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$5 Friday is here, and so is our newest rescue - meet Fondue!

Earlier this week, Fondue was taken in by ACCT Philly as a stray, and has a severely injured and infected eye/face. Very fortunately, Fondue is safe and currently undergoing care with the excellent team of doctors and nurses at Radnor Veterinary Hospital. We're asking for all good vibes for Fondue, and any small donation that you may be able to make to help support the care that this sweet bunny desperately needs. All of the bunnies and the humans at LNB thank you for your love and support. 🐰❤

*Please feel free to donate through this post or Venmo @lizzymcneil. Thank you!
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Hello, and Hoppy Wednesday! Jasper Jellybean here, coming to you with an extra spring in my step (bop in my hop?) today. It is a bright and sunshiney day, Ma bought bananas at the market yesterday, AND I have figured out some new and creative ways to try to avoid the constant plucking of my shedding fur that she's always so intent on doing. HahaHA.

However, there are still some things I haven't figured out. I know, I know, it's pretty surprising that a bunn would ever admit that. But I believe in being humble, of course. For some reason, Ma is laughing at this? I have no idea why. ANYWAY - I got an awesome question a couple weeks ago from Lorelei Toombs, and I'm hoping you all can help me answer it.

She says,
"Hey Jasper. Have you ever written a post about composting with bunny waste (and litter)? I've heard people do it.... But really we only have slightly yellow thumbs over here vs green. So curious about it - and how pragmatic it is? And if any of our Luv-N-Bunns families do? Thanks!"

Now ... my Ma's thumbs only seem to be green when it comes to regrowing carrot tops for me, which means this is not something she has ever attempted. But we know some of you have, and so this is going to be an interactive BCC today. If you have any experience with this, please chime in with your best tips, tricks, and advice for Lorelei. I am looking forward to reading your words of wisdom, too!

Until next time ...

Nose boops and binkies,
Jasper Jellybean 🐰
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Being a rabbit can be pretty tough, you know. We are the third most popular pet in the U.S., but we are also the third most abandoned. This time of year is especially hard. If you follow any of the bunny rescues online, you probably already know that there are SO many stray bunns right now, let loose outside and left to fend for themselves. Take it from us ... it is a big, scary world out there when you're a domestic bunny who only wants a place to feel safe and loved.

That is where YOU come in! Luv-N-Bunns really needs your help. Do you have room in your home and in your heart for a foster bunn? We promise, we don't take up much space. Somewhere soft and cozy to rest our paws without worrying about where we will sleep, when we'll find food, and how to keep ourselves protected from all the dangers ... there are so many bunns on LNB's intake waiting list right now whose hearts are wishing, and hoping, and dreaming of someone who will show them all the good this world has to offer. We know this, because we used to be some of them.

And now we are in wonderful foster homes. We don't have to be afraid anymore. We are learning to understand what love is, and happiness, and maybe even hoppiness, too. Please, won't you help?

LNB has a new spring foster program, and it would add a hop to the heart of a rabbit in need if you would sign up. Please email for more information. Not only will you save a bunny's life, but you will be a stepping stone to that bunny's NEW life, where the only worry is how many treats is too many.

We are counting on you!
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We've been fortunate enough to have Elena Villeco as part of our family of foster volunteers for a little over a year now. Elena decided to become a Luv-N-Bunns foster after her lop-eared bunny Remmy crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, and her home felt very empty. This happened to also coincide with COVID, and Elena is a school teacher. She found that she had a lot of time, space, and all the things that Remmy wasn't using anymore, and decided to put these things as well as her love for bunnies to good use again. Elena says that the thing that she loves most about fostering for Luv-N-Bunns is knowing that the bunnies are safe and will find happy homes through the rescue, and until then, it is wonderful to watch them come out of their shells and show off their little personalities.

Elena's first foster bunny with us was Sushi, who has since hopped off to his furever home with bunny wife Ethel. On the day that Sushi came for his first date with Ethel, Elena made our hearts smile as she took him out of his carrier before the adoption appointment to give him one last brushing over. She wanted to be sure that he was looking his best, and clearly her careful bunny coiffing worked!

After a short break, Elena took on her second foster bunny, Fernando. Fernando arrived into our rescue just minutes before Elena arrived to scoop him up and bring him home. Fernando's former family had given him a collar to wear that sadly had almost become one with his neck. Elena held Fernando in her arms as we gently worked to free him from his collar. As with Sushi, it was easy to see in that moment how much Elena adored Fernando - right from the very beginning, we knew that he had all of her love. Over the last months, Elena has shared pictures of Fernando living his best life with her - many of which feature him lounging with his thumpers up, basking in the glow of her love and care.

We're delighted to report that just last week Elena decided to make it official - Fernando is now Fernando Villeco, and we couldn't be happier that he has found his furever with Elena and her family. It is sometimes jokingly deemed a 'foster failure' when our foster volunteers decide that they cannot bear to part with their foster bunny. Foster failures such as this one are actually great successes in our book. Elena - we thank you for fostering for us, and for loving the bunnies the way that you do. Congratulations to you and Fernando - we hope that you share many hoppy and joyful days ahead together. It matters not whether you foster one bunny, or 100 bunnies - the difference you make is immeasurable. ❤
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We are still looking for foster volunteers for our Spring Foster Program - we've extended the dating, and can be flexible to accommodate summer schedules.
This is a wonderful opportunity to open your heart and your home to a bunny in need - we promise it will make you smile!
Please e-mail for more information on this six-weeks long foster program.
The bunnies and the humans at LNB thank you in advance for your kindness and support. 🌷🐰❤
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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Today we'd like to highlight our little girl Iggy, lovingly called Ms. Azalea by foster mom, Susie. Iggy was rescued as a stray, dumped in front of a friends house in the rain. She developed a massive infection on her little face and is undergoing intense veterinary care. Any extra $5 donation helps cut down her bill SO much! Thanks friends, and happy Friday!