The Mission of Luv-N-Bunns:

  • Rescue domestic rabbits from abandoned stray situations, kill shelters, private relinquishments and hoarding cases
  • Provide nurturing foster homes that will ensure proper care, shelter and love for each animal in our foster network
  • Provide necessary veterinary care including spay/neuter surgery
  • Screen applications to find perfect forever homes for each rabbit that we rescue
  • Host outreach events in the community to provide education and information on the proper care of domestic rabbits


We stress the importance of neutering and spaying all rabbits to reduce the ever-growing population of unwanted rabbits and to prevent highly prevalent reproductive cancers in unfixed rabbits. Since our inception in 2007, we have accomplished our mission by saving the lives of almost 2,000 abandoned rabbits. However, the over-abundance of unwanted domestic rabbits keeps us working toward our goals, year after year.

Together we can accomplish our mission. Reach out today if you’d like to help!

Below are some of our latest Facebook updates:


Rescue and placement for abandoned bunnies in the Philadelphia area. We take in rabbits who are no longer wanted, have been abandoned, and/or have been abused. Once cleared by our vet, we have them neutered/spayed and find new, loving homes for each. In addition, we host various events to educate people about rabbits and their needs.
Luv-N-Bunns1 day ago
We know many of you will be taking advantage of the Black Friday sales to spoil your bunns even more than usual (as it should be), but we hope you’ll consider setting aside some bunny money for next Tuesday, too. Giving Tuesday is almost here, and we’re crossing our paws that it will be the biggest one yet. Save the date, and meet us back here next week to hear all about the bunnies your donations will help!
Luv-N-Bunns2 days ago
Happy Thanksgiving to all! Liz here to let you know that the first group of calendar orders went out yesterday, yielding a VERY long receipt from the post office 😂
All calendars ordered in subsequent weeks will go out each week as orders are received. Very thankful to have the majority of them hopping along to their new homes as we speak!
Luv-N-Bunns2 days ago
Hoppy Thanksgiving to bunn and all! Today and every day, we are incredibly grateful for each and every one of you. It is because of your kindness, dedication, and generosity that we are able to rescue so many rabbits. Adopting, fostering, volunteering, donating, helping us spread the word ... you keep Luv-N-Bunns hopping, and we are so very thankful. Wishing you all a day filled with good health, happiness, and of course lots of bunny snuggles. Thank you, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

The LNB Board of Directors
Luv-N-Bunns3 days ago

Good afternoon, friends, and an early Happy Thanksgiving to you! I thought I would write a special holiday edition of BCC today, so I can share with you all the things I am grateful for - and the things I wish everybun will one day have the “hopportunity” to be thankful for not only on the holiday, but every day.

Here is my list:

A forever home. A family who calls me their bunshine. The LNB humans who rescued me and took such good care of me until Ma came along and adopted me - a team my Ma is honored to be a part of and one who has done the same for thousands of other bunnies over the past fourteen years, creating so many "Happy Tails." Treats. Fresh hay, delicious pellets, yummy greens, and cool water to fill my belly. A marvelous rabbit-savvy vet who takes the very best care of me and has given me almost as many nicknames as Ma has. Living inside the house, where I am a very treasured (and very spoiled) part of the family, and where I never have to worry about being too cold, too hot, or unsafe. Cozy fleece blankets to lounge on. Treats. Block mazes that send me on treasure hunts. Comfy places to snooze. A castle of my very own. Lots of space to run, binky, play, get into mischief (like in this picture, when I turned a bag into a toy and made Ma zoom after me to grab it before I could eat it!), and of course to host my hoppy hour "Hop til you Flop" show. A whole big box full of toys, most of which I ignore in favor of the actual box itself. My Ma's feet, which make a very good place to take a nap. And have I mentioned treats? 😉🙃

And then, of course, there's you! Ma and I are so grateful to each and every one of you for reading my column each week. Your sweet comments are incredibly appreciated and make us happy inside our hearts. Truly, you are all such special people, and your bunns are very lucky to have you. On behalf of the LNB board, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for everything : adopting, fostering, volunteering, donating ... LNB can only do what we do because of what all of YOU do, and the humans are more grateful than words can express.

Next week is Giving Tuesday, so instead of my regular column, you will be hearing from me on Tuesday instead - and lots of my friends, too, as we raise money to help even more rabbits. But for now - HOPPY THANKSGIVING TO BUNN AND ALL! Tell me : what are your bunnies thankful for?

Until next time ...

Nose boops and binkies,
Jasper Jellybean 🐰
Luv-N-Bunns3 days ago
Luv-N-Bunns is officially on adoption break until the new year! We hosted our final adoption day of the year at our brand new adoption center for the first time this past Sunday.

We will continue screening applications so we can get hopping in the new year, but we won't set up any new adoptions until January. We're catching up on an onslaught of emails and we will get back to every one of you! We're just setting up home for the holidays fosters and scheduling vaccines for all the bunnies in our network. Things may seem quiet for a few weeks on the adoption front, but we're busily hopping behind the scenes, preparing for the best year of adoptions yet!
Luv-N-Bunns4 days ago
#GivingTuesday is in ONE WEEK! This honey bunny is ready. Are you? Who thinks we can make this the most successful one yet?