The Mission of Luv-N-Bunns:

  • Rescue domestic rabbits from abandoned stray situations, kill shelters, private relinquishments and hoarding cases
  • Provide nurturing foster homes that will ensure proper care, shelter and love for each animal in our foster network
  • Provide necessary veterinary care including spay/neuter surgery
  • Screen applications to find perfect forever homes for each rabbit that we rescue
  • Host outreach events in the community to provide education and information on the proper care of domestic rabbits


We stress the importance of neutering and spaying all rabbits to reduce the ever-growing population of unwanted rabbits and to prevent highly prevalent reproductive cancers in unfixed rabbits. Since our inception in 2007, we have accomplished our mission by saving the lives of almost 2,000 abandoned rabbits. However, the over-abundance of unwanted domestic rabbits keeps us working toward our goals, year after year.

Together we can accomplish our mission. Reach out today if you’d like to help!

Below are some of our latest Facebook updates:


Rescue and placement for abandoned bunnies in the Philadelphia area. We take in rabbits who are no longer wanted, have been abandoned, and/or have been abused. Once cleared by our vet, we have them neutered/spayed and find new, loving homes for each. In addition, we host various events to educate people about rabbits and their needs.
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We are so excited to be at the Roslyn Pet Fair today! Hop on over to say hi at our first in-person event since 2019. Event link is in the comments. We hope to see you soon!
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Every now and then a bunny will hop along into our rescue and, due to a variety of circumstances, will end up staying with us forever. In many ways, these special bunnies reflect the very heart of our mission as an animal rescue - to provide nurturing and loving homes for each and every bunny that finds its way to us. For this week’s $5 Friday fundraiser, we’re highlighting two such bunnies - Robert and Robin.

Many of you may already be familiar with Robert (Bob), as he has been a furever foster with our Vice President Kristin for a few years now. When Robert arrived to us, he had chronic abscesses/dental disease which infected and damaged his jaw. He's had a hemifacial mandibulectomy to remove the diseased part of his jaw, and requires multiple medications both daily and weekly to keep the infections from recurring. In addition, because Robert is unable to eat hay and subsists primarily on a diet of critical care and blended greens, he receives periodic tooth trims to keep his mouth in the best possible working order.

More recently, an angel named Robin joined our bunny family and we are so very glad that she’s here. Robin is a nine year-old lionhead who unfortunately cannot safely withstand anesthesia and be spayed. Robin is on a daily regimen of anti-inflammatory medication and supplements to keep her feeling her very best. Additionally, Robin has an intense case of what we scientifically refer to as crazy teeth. Robin is a terrific hay eater (orchard grass, please) but because her teeth are misaligned, they grow every which way and at warp speed! Robin receives tooth trims from the wonderful team of doctors at Radnor Veterinary Hospital every ten days.

Both Robert and Robin would be grateful for any small donation that you are able to make to contribute to their ongoing care and medical needs. Thank you for supporting these two bunnies - their presence in our lives is a joy, and we feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to care for them.

Donations may be made through this post or by clicking on the 'Donate' button on our Facebook homepage, via Venmo (@lizzymcneil - Elizabeth Luczyszyn - see girl in neon yellow running shirt, last 4 digits of phone 6758), or Paypal to Thank you. ❤
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Thank you so much to the kind friends who have sent items from our wish lists 🙂
The bunnies have sent thank you notes to all who donated through the Amazon wish list, so check out your amazon account for some bunny love!
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Hi friends, Liz here. As you may have heard, we've been able to secure a proper adoption center and will be up and running in the next few months!
A formal announcement and much more to follow. But in the meantime, we're in the process of clearing out some items left behind by the former tenant.
If you'd like any of these things, drop an email to and we will arrange for them to be yours!

No payment required, but if you'd like to make a donation to our rescue, we'd be delighted. Thanks everyone!
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Good Wednesday morning to bunn and all! Jasper Jellybean here, coming to you today with a topic that I am pretty sure we actually haven't discussed yet! Can you even believe it? When Ma read me the list of questions that you all asked, I just about hopped 'til I flopped, I was so excited. So let's get right to it ... Sheila wants to know, "Would love to know what others prefer for litter box filler. I switched to pine pellets based on recommendations from other websites but they have an odor and break down quickly. Thinking of going back to recycled paper pellets and some recycled paper small pet bedding. Suggestions ?"

For my litter box, Ma lines the bottom with paper towel (for extra absorption) and puts Carefresh on top of that. We use the Small Animal Nesting kind, because the pieces are a bit bigger and so she doesn't have to worry that I was accidentally eat them. Next up is fresh hay, which goes in half of the box. I have about five million other ways to eat hay (hay roller, hanging hay ball, hay mat, hay sticks, and the list goes on), but like most bunns, I enjoy having a "home base" of it in my litter box. The setup works really well, and for the most part, the Carefresh + paper towel combo does a great job of preventing any odor. Ma switches out my litter box every two or three days, and I get a fresh hay refill in it every single day - sometimes twice a day, if I'm even more of a Hungry Hippo than normal. (Side note for all the bunnies out there: does anyone else have a human who gives them THE MOST RIDICULOUS NICKNAMES EVER! I mean, honestly!)

Okay, friends, now it's your turn. There are lots of litter box options for us bunnies. Please chime in with more suggestions and ideas for Sheila!

I will be taking a little break next week, but I'll see you back here on Wednesday 6/23! Until next time ...

Nose boops and binkies,
Jasper Jellybean 🐰
Luv-N-Bunns6 days ago
Sniff Sniff, love was clearly in the air this past Sunday at our Adoption Day. There was all kinds of cuddling, grooming, kissing, and sparks flying! We're so excited to share these pictures of our newest bunny couples in the making, and even one trio too! We wish everybun and their humans a hoppy and easy bonding process. 🐰💘

If you're interested in adopting a Luv-N-Bunns bunny, or finding a friend for an existing bunny (we specialize in creating pairs AND trios!), please e-mail either or for more information. We're always happy to provide all of the resources and support you'll need to successfully bond your bunnies.