The first step in the adoption process is filling out the application form. Once approved, you will meet the bunny(ies) that are interested in potentially adopting. Since all of our bunnies are in private foster homes, it takes a bit of coordination to get everyone to the adoption site at the same time.  Most often, our adoption days are held on the weekend for this reason.  Prepare your bunny’s space beforehand and bring a carrier!  Your meeting day is your adoption day so your new bunny friend goes home that day.

We will maintain close contact with you to ensure that your new bunny adjusts and receives the appropriate veterinary follow up care.  We also give advice and direction regarding the bonding process between two bunnies.  We are always available to help and are delighted to welcome all new adopters into our big bunny family.

Below is a list of some of our adoptable bunnies:

Tommy and Juno
Tommy and JunoTommy and JunoTommy and Juno
  • Lop Eared, Havana, Mixed
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Housebroken

Tommy and Juno are a 5 year old bonded pair of bunnies. They love each other so much, but their... View full description »

Adult, Male, Medium
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