Rescue and placement for abandoned bunnies in the Philadelphia area. We take in rabbits who are no longer wanted, have been abandoned, and/or have been abused. Once cleared by our vet, we have them neutered/spayed and find new, loving homes for each. In addition, we host various events to educate people about rabbits and their needs.
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Meet Ralphie (white, 4.5 months old) and Timothy (brown, 5.5 months old)! These sweet Flemish Giant bunns are crossing their paws that forever families are in their future. Because of their size - Timothy is already twelve pounds! - they’ll need homes where they won’t be caged. More bunny to cuddle, to play with, and to love! If you’d like one of these cuties to be your best friend (which you totally do, because they are awesome), email bunnies@luvnbunns.org. They’ll be waiting!
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Shelter located in Newport outside of Wilmington DE - if anyone knows someone that knows HVAC please reach out as it is going to be very warm again and as we all know bunnies need cold air!!
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Good morning, everyone, and welcome to this Tuesday's edition of Bunny Care Corner! Today I thought we'd chat about one of my very favorite things: toys. Thank you to both Juliet Will-Robinson and Eagle Skyfire for this topic suggestion! I have an overflowing toy box, so that pretty much makes me the perfect bunn for the job.

Confession : even with all those toys, my number one choice of things to play with might actually be the box they're stored in. Bunnies ... we're just like children sometimes!

That doesn't stop my Ma from buying me lots of things, though. I have stacking cups (the kind meant for babies or toddlers) to toss around and knock down, jingle balls to roll back and forth, willow cubes to munch on and pull apart piece by piece (by piece ... by piece ... by piece ...), rattle toys to throw, and of course the blocks that get built into fun mazes, which you've seen before! I also have a super cool slinky that my auntie bought for me, along with a find-the-treat toy that I conquered on the very first try. Ma likes to hide pellets in it for me to find, and I am basically an expert at picking up the knobs and throwing them far and wide! This is a really great toy if you're looking for one to stimulate your rabbit. Ma got it from Drs. Foster & Smith online. I also have an igloo, tunnels, and hut to use for hide-and-seek (igloo and one tunnel from PetSmart, other tunnel and hut from Five Below). There are cool wooden and sisal toys you can purchase, too. I am a stinker who doesn't only chew on wood, but actually swallows it, so they're a no-go for me (hmph), but lots of my bunn friends love them!

But you don't have to buy all your rabbit's toys! You can make them yourself. One of my most played with things? Wrapping paper tubes. I love to drag them around, push them back and forth, jump over them, and even play tug-o-war with my Ma. You can also use paper towel tubes for this, but please make sure they are free from any glue or adhesive first. You can stuff some hay inside for your bunn to pull out, or even some greens with long stems, like cilantro or carrot tops. That's always fun! Another awesome DIY toy? A forage box! You can fill a box with hay and/or shredded paper and hide things inside for your bunny to find -- a few pellets, maybe a healthy treat or two. Us bunns like to dig, and this will encourage us to do just that! You can also create a cardboard playhouse for your rabbit. In fact, I guarantee that he or she will be more than happy to help you out with its construction.


Make that bunstruction.

Two paws up for that, friends. Maybe even four!

Okay, your turn! Tell me : what toys does your bunny love?

Until next time ...

Nose boops and binkies,
Jasper Jellybean
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Love was in the air (and fur was in my kitchen) yesterday. We sent home three bunnies with potential partners. Wishing every bunny luck that they've found a love match!!