The Mission of Luv-N-Bunns is achieved through our goals:

  • Rescue abandoned rabbits from high kill shelters and hoarding situations.
  • Provide necessary veterinary care for domestic rabbits including spay/neuter surgery.
  • Find nurturing foster homes that will provide food, shelter and unconditional love.
  • Find forever homes for each and every rabbit that we rescue.
  • Provide education and pet rabbit awareness.

We educate the public in the importance of neutering and spaying in order to reduce the ever-growing population of unwanted rabbits. We spread awareness that rabbits make wonderful pets which deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. Since our inception in 2007, we have accomplished our mission by saving the lives of almost 1,000 abandoned rabbits. However, there is a never-ending abundance of rabbits that need our help.

Together we can accomplish our mission… Our passion… To save and protect innocent lives!

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Rescue and placement for abandoned bunnies in the Philadelphia area. We take in rabbits who are no longer wanted, have been abandoned, and/or have been abused. Once cleared by our vet, we have them neutered/spayed and find new, loving homes for each. In addition, we host various events to educate people about rabbits and their needs.
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Only 5 more days left to buy your ice blue logo shirts for holiday gift giving!!! Available in youth sizes too!!!
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Hello there, friends, and an early Hoppy Thanksgiving to you! Who's excited for the holiday? I bet your bunns are, because I'm going to assume your celebrations will include lavishing LOTS of love and attention on them. Also, a treat. How better to say "I am so thankful for you, I count my blessings every day," than by offering a banana slice or a few matchstick carrots? A new toy would also be a great way to show your appreciation.

(Hint, hint. Nudge, Nudge.)

But seriously, in honor of the holiday, I thought we'd do something a little different for today's Bunny Care Corner. I present to you: The Top Five Things Rabbits Are Thankful For.

1. A forever home. There is nothing quite like the feeling us bunns get inside our hearts when we know we've found our fur-ever. The world can be a really big, confusing, and even scary place for a rabbit who's all alone. So many of us have had to make our way with nothing but our own four paws to stand on - until the kindest of people have swooped in to rescue us, to love us, and to show us that hoppily-ever-after isn't just for storybooks. It can be real, too. Having a place of our very own, to run and jump and play ... it is better than even the yummiest treat or the coolest toy. (That's how you KNOW I mean business, if I'm admitting to that!)

2. A family. This goes along with #1, but you humans can be pretty awesome, so I think you deserve your own shoutout. My Ma says bunny parents always find the rabbit that's meant to be theirs, and I have to agree. Sometimes I read over Ma's shoulder when she's compiling the Happy Tails you all send in. It's obvious every time. When a human reaches out his or hand to a bunn, the fuzzy paw that's waiting is the exact right one. It just belongs, just goes together. Like bread and butter. Like hot cocoa and marshmallows. Like love and bunns. Ahem. Like Luv-N-Bunns. See what I did there?

3. A wonderful vet. Because you are all such fabulous bunny mamas and papas, you already know how important it is to take your bunn to a rabbit-savvy vet. These dedicated, compassionate, and all-around marvelous humans help keep us healthy. They are literal life savers! My vet is excellent. She trims my teeth when they get points, gives me super thorough check-ups, and calls me a little monkey. I hope your bunns are lucky enough to have a terrific vet, too. If you're looking for suggestions, LNB can give you a list.

4. A diet that's both delicious and nutritious. Us bunns should have access to unlimited hay and water that's fresh every day. LNB also recommends daily greens and a quarter cup of high-quality pellets. This will keep our digestive systems in tip-top shape! An occasional treat is always appreciated, too. I get a small piece of fruit or an Oxbow treat two or three times a week. Just a friendly reminder not to feed your bunn any of the treats with seeds or yogurt - they often give rabbits a bellyache, and that is NOT something to be thankful for.

5. A chance to be mischievous every day. Because ... duh. Of course I had to include that. I am a lucky bunn, getting to spend my days zooming around the house, chatting with all of you, and binkying until I flop (Ma calls this a flinky!). But like any good bunny, I also like to do my best to explore EVERY SINGLE THING. Sometimes that means moving the pet gate that's blocking off the area behind the sofa. Sometimes it means doing my best to jump up on boxes or use the back of the couch like a balance beam. Also, sometimes it means trying to eat the furniture ... or the carpet ... or the wall ... or the refrigerator. What can I say? I like to be an imp. But so many bunnies don't have this chance, because they are still looking for a place and a person to call their own. So above all this Thanksgiving, I am grateful for love. It's what makes a bunny's world go 'round, after all.

Ma wants me to add in here that she is thankful, too : for a bunny who sleeps on her feet or by her side, and boops her with his nose, and follows her across the room over and over (and over!). For a bunny who brightens up every single day. She says I am her "bunshine sunshine" and that, really, I'm the one who rescued her. That makes me feel so happy - and hoppy - inside.

Now it's your turn, friends! Tell me one reason why you're thankful for your rabbit - and one reason why your rabbit is thankful, too.

Next week is Giving Tuesday, so instead of my column, you'll be hearing from the LNB humans instead. You made last year's Giving Tuesday a HUGE success, and this year, Facebook is matching the first $7 million in donations, so please, please, please - if you are able, Luv-N-Bunns would be so grateful if you could lend a paw and help us save even more bunns, just like me. More information on that will be coming in the days ahead.

Until next time ...

Hoppy Thanksgiving! Nose boops and binkies,
Jasper Jellybean 🐰
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Who wants to bring a bunny home and foster it for the holidays? If this sounds like something you'd be interested in doing, we'd love to have you participate in our "Home for the Holidays" program!
Between December 1 and January 12, we like to send as many of our homeless bunns home for a cozy and relaxing holiday. The dates are flexible.
We will help get you all set up. Email for more info!