Rescue and placement for abandoned bunnies in the Philadelphia area. We take in rabbits who are no longer wanted, have been abandoned, and/or have been abused. Once cleared by our vet, we have them neutered/spayed and find new, loving homes for each. In addition, we host various events to educate people about rabbits and their needs.
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Hey, bunny friends. We were chatting here about our upcoming (11th annual!) Holiday Party on December 8, and one idea that keeps coming up is an icebreaker to help people get to know each other. The only thing better than building bunny friendships is actually rescuing bunnies, after all. Can we have your ideas for ways to help people meet some new folks at the Holiday Party this year? (BTW, that is an actual photo from last year's event!)
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Hello there, friends, and welcome to this week's edition of Bunny Care Corner. I thought I'd tell you a little story today. Spoiler alert : it has a hoppy ending. Let's start at the beginning, though. Two weekends ago, I was super excited for my evening playtime with Ma! I even stood up as I waited for her, showing off my best balancing-on-two-paws posture. We played Follow the Leader once she unlocked my condo, and I happily flopped by the sofa to relax. All was normal. Until ... well ... my belly began to feel a little bit off. Before my Ma could blink an eye, I went from acting perfectly fine to hunching in my playhouse.

Now, we have been through this a lot in my home. I have a sensitive digestive system and am prone to these issues. I've gotten pretty good at working it out myself - with some help from my family - but this time, all the usual tricks didn't seem to fix things. And, of course, because this is the way it always goes, the episode didn't happen until nighttime on a Saturday, long after my vet's office was closed. Thankfully, with lots of determination on my part, and a lending paw from my Ma and Grandma, I finally started to feel better somewhere around 4:00AM. It was the biggest sigh of relief for everyone and everybun!

The reason I'm telling you about this today? Because it's shedding time for a lot of bunns right now, including me. Ma is forever plucking fur off me (gently, of course!), and several years ago, she bought a special brush called the Furminator to remove any loose fur. Even with all that, I managed to ingest enough of it while grooming that it upset my tummy. And I'm not the only one : over on Instagram, I've been seeing a lot of my fellow bunnies who are having similar issues right now.

So this is my reminder to you : PLEASE brush your rabbits and remove excess fur, especially during the times of year when shedding is in full swing. For most bunnies, that is when the seasons change. Typically summer/fall and winter/spring are the two heaviest molting times, but of course every bunn is different. What we all share, though, is the fact that we depend on our humans. You are not only our bestest friends, but the people we know will take care of us. Ingesting too much fur can really upset our fragile little systems, and we are counting on you to help ensure that isn't the case! Sometimes a bit of fur will sneak by anyway, despite your efforts - like what happened with me, because I am a ferocious groomer! - but brushing us daily will go a long, long way. If Ma didn't brush me and I'd swallowed ALL that fur? We likely would have ended up at the emergency vet, and then how would I have been able to perfect the art of the selfie? (See photos below!)

Tell me, everyone : what do you use to groom your bunns?

Until next time ...

Nose boops and binkies,
Jasper Jellybean
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Hi there! My name is Pookie, and I’m really, really hoping that soon it’ll finally be my turn to have a forever home. You see, I entered Luv-N-Bunns with quite a few siblings. I’ve watched them all get adopted. It’s been super exciting to see them find their hoppily-ever-afters! Maybe I can be next? I’m a very sweet girl and even like to do tricks! If you can find it in your heart to make my dream come true, please email bunnies@luvnbunns.org. My paws are crossed!
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Buttercup here, reminding everyone that shopping passes for the Friends Helping Friends event will be available to purchase at the Boscov's in Neshaminy Mall today from 2:00-6:00PM. Passes are only $5 each and all the money goes directly to LNB. They're good at any Boscov's location (in-store only, online not included) on Tuesday, 10/16, and will give you a 25% off discount on most items.

If you can't make it today, we'll be back at the mall on Sunday, 9/23 from 11:00-2:00. Passes can also be purchased at our Board Painting Party on 10/14 or online via PayPal (send payment to luvnbunns@gmail.com). Please use the "friends and family" option so that no fees are deducted. Include your shipping information in the notes, or email Melanie at melanieisu45@yahoo.com to give her your address.

We hope to see you today. Hop on over to buy a pass and say hello!