Rescue and placement for abandoned bunnies in the Philadelphia area. We take in rabbits who are no longer wanted, have been abandoned, and/or have been abused. Once cleared by our vet, we have them neutered/spayed and find new, loving homes for each. In addition, we host various events to educate people about rabbits and their needs.
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Meet Footsie 🙂 He is almost 3 years old and his favorite things to do are play with paper towel rolls and Binky! He loves his veggies and loves traveling - Footsie has even flown before and loves long walks on the beach (ok not really but he has been to the Beach. If you are interested in adopting Footsie email bunnies@luvnbunns.org
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You may want to squint a little, or put on sunglasses, so her beauty does not blind you. Look at gorgeous Daisy with her teeth clipped to a normal level! She is in foster care with me (LeeAnn) and eating hay and veggies already. She even has a bit of sass to her!
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What we do Wednesday: Hi everyone this is Melanie the president of LNB and I figured most of you have no idea what goes on behind the scenes so I would share some of that with you - it truly takes a village to make this all work and we are blessed with the best board members, fosters, vets, volunteers and donors.

On any given day we can receive 10 requests for help with rabbits whether it is a shelter, concerned citizen who spotted a stray or people wanting to re-home a rabbit for various reasons such as allergies, oops litters, moving to somewhere that does not allow pets or just don't have the time for them - at LNB we do not judge anyone and work on getting every rabbit through our system and adopted but there are certain ones we prioritize.

We will address what happens once a rabbit is in our system and the adoption process another week but I am going to share what happened yesterday and how our incredible team made it work.

Yesterday we received an email from a humane society who had received some rabbits in need of immediate care - as soon as I saw the picture of Daisy (attached) I immediately went into crisis mode as I knew there was little chance she was able to eat enough with those teeth. The first step was finding a place for these rabbits to go - without a foster home to take them to there is really nothing we can do since we do not have a facility and this is why we depend so greatly on the foster families who graciously open their homes and hearts to give these rabbits a second chance.

Once I was able to figure out a plan on where the two with the bad teeth would go it was time to arrange transport for them as they were in a shelter in Berks county a little over an hour away. Because I knew we needed to get these rabbits taken care of ASAP I reached out to Liz who handles all the Radnor appointments and she was able to secure open slots for Today if we could get the rabbits there in time.

The next problem was the shelter closed at 5 and by this time it was after 4 so there was no way we could get there in time - so I reached out to the shelter contact and found someone willing to come in after hours to turn the rabbits over to us. Luckily we have an incredible volunteer who only asks where and when and after working all day drove a couple hours round trip not getting home until after 9 to make sure these rabbits were safe. Once at the shelter she discovered there was another rabbit who had many bite holes in his ears and we reached out and were able to secure another foster home for him.

Both of the rabbits with bad teeth were seen today at our incredible vets Radnor Vet hospital and tonight are eating normally without those teeth in the way. Sometimes certain rabbits need more care than others and we have several veteran fosters who are willing to take the tougher medical cases or aggressive rabbits so today was spent shuffling around some fosters so Daisy could be with the best foster family for her needs. So tonight I picked up one of our fosters and drove her to another foster who herself spent her evening driving to meet me.

So as you can see some days can be very complicated and stressful as we work behind the scenes to save rabbits in need of our care and we could not do it without our volunteers, foster families and also our donors who help make it possible for us to pull these rabbits from a shelter and tomorrow it will all start again.

So a huge huge thank you to everyone who made this rescue work today and yesterday and another huge thank you to all of our foster families and donors who open their homes and wallets to make Luv-N-Bunns possible because we could not do it without you!!!!!